Little Bits About Me

Hello! I'm Jaleccia Ates! I'm a mother to an awesome little boy, a pinterest addict, ice cream lover, and what do you know, a wedding and portrait photographer! :) I started my career in photography in January of 2011 when I bought my very first camera. My career started a couple years ago, but my passion for memories has been stamped within me all my life. I have always been a nerd about photographs. A photograph holds a special memory of a moment that you will never be able to re-live, but you can always keep it close as a reminder.  This is why I stepped into photography as a career. I want to be able to capture special moments for you that happen only once in a lifetime so you can replay it over and over forever. Photography is my passion,and I just want to share that passion in creating your love story!


Photo Cred: Kayla Linton Photography